We bring clarity to a messy process.

From conception through execution, Gestalt Design will help your team deliver. We humanize the complexity of healthcare through a research-based process, domain knowledge, and design expertise.


User Research

Without deeply understanding the context and motivations of your users you cannot address their needs. We use empathic research methods to inform design initiatives.


• Recruiting
• User Interviews
• Expert Interviews
• Shadowing
• Observations
• Usability Testing


Interaction Design

Interaction design is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services. We humanize technology with excellent user experiences and user interfaces.

• Focused Ideation
• Wireframes
• Language
• Iconography
• Interactive Prototypes
• Information Design
• Rich Mockups

Visual Design

More then styling, visual design can make or break your product. Color, type, and layout can improve the usability of an interface and how much consumers choose to engage it.  


• Corporate Identity
• Design Program
• Photography
• Presentations


Product Design

You have a concept or technology. We can turn it into a product. We rapidly prototype form factors, affordances, and metaphors to gather feedback about the usability and desirability of possible directions.

• Sketching
• Visual Mockups
• Functional Prototypes
• 3D Prototypes
• Digital Fabrication
• Packaging